A One Health Approach to
Vector-Borne Diseases

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About the event

One Health is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to solving important health issues that recognizes the connection between people, animals and their shared environment. A key health issue that would benefit from a One Health approach is vector-borne diseases. The global landscape for vector-borne diseases is changing, and the impact is seen in increasing risks for people and animals. The One Health approach is critical for understanding and managing these risks for people and companion animals. Hear from experts in infectious disease, public health, parasitology and veterinary medicine as they discuss applying a One Health lens to this developing global issue.

Registration for this educational event is open to all members of the veterinary community (RACE pending – 2.5 hours).

Presented by MSD Animal Health.

Event agenda

0:00-0:45 The One Health Approach Dr Julie Gerberding, Dr Jane Sykes and Dr Alasdair King
0:45-1:45 VBD as a Key One Health Issue Dr Peter Irwin, Dr Susan Little, Prof Richard Wall, Prof Guadalupe Miro, Dr Paul Overgaauw, and Dr Alasdair King
1:45-2:15 VBD - MSD Animal Health Update Dr Robert Lavan

Meet the speakers

Dr Julie Gerberding

Chief patient office and executive vice president, Population health & sustainability


Dr Jane Sykes

Executive director of innovation and entrepreneurship & Professor of small animal internal medicine (infectious disease)

University of California, Davis

Dr Peter Irwin

Former Dean

Murdoch University Veterinary School

Dr Susan Little

Regents professor and Krull-Ewing chair in veterinary parasitology

College of Veterinary Medicine, Oklahoma State University

Prof Richard Wall

Professor of zoology and specializes in the ecology and control of ectoparasites of veterinary importance

University of Bristol Veterinary School

Prof Guadalupe Miro

Professor of parasitology and parasitic diseases & Director of pet parasite laboratory

Universidad Complutense of Madrid

Dr Robert Lavan

Director of outcomes research, Center for Observational and Real-World Evidence (CORE)

MSD Animal Health

Dr Paul Overgaauw

Specialist in veterinary microbiology and parasitology, Veterinary public health

Utrecht University

Dr Alasdair King

Director, transboundary diseases

MSD Animal Health